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How to use SMART Stirrers

to access real-time in-situ experimental conditions.

We are here to help you access important, yet previously unobtainable /readable information on your real-time live, experiments.


The information is available via an Internet of Things, IOT, Device, a SMART Stirrer bar, that connects to an app on your mobile device.  This IOT device, then streams monitors and live-streams in real-time insitu experimental conditions, that are occurring within your reactions.

Once your experiment is completed you can download that measure data directly in CSV format for inclusion, in your writeups, eLNB, SOPs, experimental conclusions, patents etc

SMART Stirrers take the humble globally available magnetic stirrer bar form - and simply put, pack the inside with cutting edge SMART technology. This allows for the exact same form factor, except now the magnetic stirrer bar, connects to your smart phone, and allows you to measure, Rotation, Temperature, Colour and Light intensity right in-situ - live streamed in real time to an app on your mobile phone. Imagine, Lab-of-the-Future for anyone that uses a Magnetic Stirrer bar. Download all the experimental information to store in your lab-note-book. Enhanced lab-safety by getting real-time alerts should something untoward happen during your experiment

SMART Stirrer Mobile App 

Simply install the Mobile app, and follow along the with the You-Tube videos, to learn how to start monitoring and taking your work into your very own "Lab-of-the-Future"

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Thanks for your interest!

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