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Access real-time laboratory & experimental Information like never before.

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The Lab-of-the-Future can be for all scientists

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The SMART Stirrer product line is globally available and pragmatically brings the Lab-of-the-Future as enabled by the 4th industrial revolution to live for all scientific laboratory environments.

Completely transforms and redefines the 
access to real-time, in-situ experimental monitoring, without the need for expensive, untired and untrusted technology or lab process changes.


The SMART Stirrers ecosystem empowers every scientist to be able to monitor, record, be proactively alerted as to how their experiment is progressing.

These knowledge generating devices and digital products provide a whole new way to bring trusted, easy to understand, relevant real-time information through from the actual experiment to the lab notebook or write up, whether use use a paper notebook, or an eLNB.

You can go and try how it works right away!

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SMART Stirrer

1. Select your preferred SMART Stirrer device you like to use

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2. Choose one of the supported Apps / services by SMART Stirrers

Start a new SMAR T Stirrer experiment

3. Using Bluetooth Search and Connect to your SMART Stirrer and start recording live experimental information - such as rotation speed, temperature, colour, Lux etc

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4. Analyse your actual insitu experimental conditions  the download the CSV to include in your writeup

How it works

Need more?

SMART Stirrers are going to be available for everyone, and will be available from this site, Amazon, eBay and other channels

Or if you're laboratory Manager, Supplier or simply looking for bulk purchase, please email to discuss.

Or If you would like to discuss custom shapes, reuse of the internal electronics, please email to discuss 

Chemistry Students

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Why are SMART Stirrers 

Good For You?

Real-time in-situ experimental Information whenever & wherever you decide - in a format that's accessible to all.

No more assembling auxiliary monitoring equipment,  unstable thermometers that break, reduce the footprint needed to measure

Try new formats, monitor new variables and pro-actively alerted.

Tired of the same invest big to achieve a "Lab-of-the-future" not anymore - reuse you existing laboratory equipment.

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