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Our Story.

SMART Stirrers was born out of frustration about how difficult it is to engage with real-time live information about the actual in-situ laboratory experiments, that are performed.

All the "Labs-of-the-Future" appear to need people, to change how they work, purchase and integrate new expensive pieces of technology and throw away equipment that is tried, tested and trusted.


Surely, there must be another way!  SMART Stirrers allow for all people running experiments to move pragmatically to a "Lab-of-the-Future", irrespective of location, laboratory, scientific discipline and not be restricted by the size of your purchasing power.

In the world today, information around products & experiments should be readily accessible and in a format that anyone and everyone around the world can access, in a format that we all understand, pragmatically using equipment we already have access to.

Hence the SMART Stirrer product range was born.

Developed by real scientists, for use by real scientists.

Happy SMART stirrer Scientist

SMART Stirrers Founder

Prof. Ashley George FRSC

SMART Stirrers was founded in 2019 by a Life science & Tech professional Prof. Ashley George FRSC as a cynical chemist with over 23 years of battle hardened experience in FTSE100 Life Sciences Organisation and Founder of 3 Global Not-For-Profits.


For the last 9 years, he led the Global Innovation and Consumerisation Centre of Excellence, that spanned disruptive tech-led & enabled business change across: Research & Development, Manufacturing Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing for Pharmaceuticals, Consumer HealthCare, FMCG & Vaccines.


Now using this unique perspective and vantage point has formulated the SMART Stirrer concept that pragmatically takes real-time, experimental information to where real scientists live their lives in real labs.



Could you be a Fellow Creator?

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