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The SMART Stirrer Team are at CHEMUK 2024 on 15 - 16 May 2024.

Please come and find us, or stop and talk to one of the representatives that will be the various halls of the NEC.

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Firstly lets look inside the SMART Stirrer

The simplistic outside hides the SMART interior:-

Wireless charging,



Luminosity and colour sensors

All placed and finely balanced between the battery and strong Neodymium magnets

SMART Stirrers builds on high tech platforms to break down the barriers to accessing important information about YOUR experiments.

How to connect and setup your SMART stirrer experiment.

Once you have performed an experiment using your SMART Stirrer : How to interact, and export your experimental results.

The SMART Stirrer App does much more : below is a whistle stop tour of some of its features.

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